Chhindwara City MapChhindwara is the largest city of Madhya Pradesh, “Incredible Heart of India”. With a population of more than 20, 90,306 (equal to Republic of Macedonia) & total area of 11,815 km2 it is the biggest city of Central India. Chhindwara is basically located on the “Satpuda Range of Mountains.” That is why the area surrounding the city is known as Satpudanchal. Chhindwara enjoys a thriving cultural tradition driven different religion & communities. Following the North India climate trend Chhindwara experiences hot summer during the the months of April to June, Monsoon from July to September & cool spring dry winter in rest of the months. According to historical aspects the city was rules by  Gondwana dynasty in the ancient time. After the demarcation in the 2008 Chhindwara now comprises of seven Vidhan Sabha Seats including Junnardeo, Chaurai, Amarwara,  Saunsar, Chhindwara, Parasia & Pandhurna.

Chhindwara Panaroma - City at a Glance

Excellent public infrastructure, responsible and intellectual citizens make this city even smarter and better day by day which attracts a big pool of people to live. Citizens of Chhindwara are truly committed towards making it a smart city. People find perfect work life balance in the Chhindwara city. People feel very safe, secure, calm and comfortable due the peace, pleasure, prosperous environment of the district. Chhindwara is full fledged district of Madhya Pradesh with basic amenities like education, health, safety, commerce, transportation and entertainment.

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