Gotmar Mela

Gotmar Mela (Fair) of Pandhurna

Gotmar Mela ChhindwaraIt is one the oldest and traditional fair of Chhindwara. It is a stone war between 2 neighboring villages at Pandurna. Pandurna is about 72 km. away from the district head quarter. The Gotmar mela is celebrated every year on the Jam river bank.


History behind the Gotmar Mela : Pandhurna and Sawargaon are two Indian villages of the Chhindwara, located at the bank of the river Jam. According to historical facts, it is believed that once upon a time ruler of Pandurna heard about the beauty of daughter of emperor of the Sawargaon. After hearing it he could not stop himself, crossed the Jam river and abducted the girl. When the people of Sawargaon heard this incident. They chased him, who till the time had crossed the river. The villagers started throwing stones on him. People of Pandhurna aslo gathered on the other side of the river after hearing it. They also did the same thing. They started throwing stones on the people of Sawargaon to protect the ruler and allow him to reach to his palace safely. From that day onwards the bloody tradition is known as “Gotmar Mela”. Following the Marathi tradition it was named Gotmar mela. In Marathi “Got” stands for the “stones”. Some years ago the district administration tried to stop this tradition which injures a lot of people and also the death caused due to it, but both the villages denied it. The administration makes arrangements to provide timely medical facilities to the injured.

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