Hinglaj Mandir

Hinglaj MandirHinglaj Mata Mandir: Hinglaj Temple is among the oldest temples of India. There are only two Hinglaj Mandir in India, One is near the border of the Pakistan and next one is in Ambara, Near Barkuhi Chhindwara district. It is located on south (by the Parasia Road), almost 40 Km away from the Town. It attracts a number of tourists almost every day, but Tuesday and Saturday are considered to be the best days for worship.

According to Hindu mythology It is believed that in the ancient time One day Daksha made arrangements for a great horse sacrifice, and invited all the gods except only Shiva & Sati. Sati was the youngest daughter of the Daksha. Then the Daksha insulted Shiva. Sati feels guilty about insulting Mahadev to come to this Yagya. Devi Sati invoked her yogic powers and immolated herself. Then the Shiva carried the immolated Sati on his sholders and started the Tandav, which was lifting the universe to the end. Then Bhagwan Vishnu cut the Mata Sati’s body into 51 pieces, which were later called as the Shakti Peeth. Devotees of Maa Hinglaj has set up a Temple Bell of 1.5 meter diameter, 9 feet tall & 2 Ton in Weight (1800 Kg Approx) in the Temple premises which will probably be the largest one in the entire division. On ringing, this bell sounds entire Ambada Region.

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