Jam Sawali

Jam Sawali Hanuman MandirJam Sawali Hanuman Mandir is one the oldest temple in the history of the Chhindwara city. The temple is famous for the miracles. It is located 110 km away from the town in Sausar. It is too much close to the border of the Maharasgtra state. The Lord Hanuman in the temple is in the resting position which is very rare in India. The temple can be visited in all the seasons. If you are residiing in the Nagpur district, it is very much near to you. It is also believed that no one may visit the Hanuman temple untill he or she is called by the Lord.

Inside Temple >> There are 2 main entry gates in the temple. One for the men and next one is for the women. Lord Hanuman here is considered Bal Bramhachari. In order to maintain the sainthood of the temple, the women are allowed to address the Lord from a particular distance while the men are allowed to go little close to the Idol.Hanumanji of Jam Sawli grants boons aplenty and He senses your troubles and relieves you of all pain.

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