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Patalkot is basically a deep valley in the Chhindwara. It is located 75 km. away in the Tamia. Well the district is called the treasure of coal, oranges and cotton but the natural beauty is worth watching here. Patalkot is famous for the hidden medicine world. It has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Patal”. It is believed that the after worshipping ‘Lord Shiva’, Prince ‘Meghnath’ had gone to Patal-lok through this place only. In the past time there was long tunnel between Panchmarhi (hill station) and Patalkot, which was built during the 18th century by the ruling kings.

The place it’s people and culture are very different from the rest of the District. The people here use the plants to prepare medicine. Dr Deepak Acharya has conducted a deep research over the plants and the life of Patalkot. ( The Madhya Pradesh has been trying each and every possible effort to convert this place into a tourism spot.

Are you planning to visit it? Remember some points before visiting.  

  1. Get a Taxi from the Chhindwara to reach out there.
  2. There is no facility of accommodation in the valley; the nearest accommodation facility is in Tamia at the forest or PWD guest house. Patalkot is a good place for tourism of M.P.