Tribal Museum

Chhindwara PhotosTribal Museum¬†in Chhindwara was started right after some years of the Indian independence i.e on 20 April 1954, and honored ‘State Museum’ status in 1975. The museum is managed by the incharge of the museum appointed under the state legislation. On 8 September 1997 the Tribal Museum’s name has been changed to “Shri Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum“. Shri Badal Bhoi was the well known freedom fighter of the area. The objectives to establish it were¬†Anthropological studies including social, economic and cultural issues, Traditional Knowledge Systems.Considered to be the oldest museum in Madhya Pradesh, one can see various antiques and rare collection of tribal items living in Madhya Pradesh.

Inside Museum >>It comprises 14 rooms, 3 galleries and two open galleries. It depicts the tribal cultures of 45 (approx.) tribal communities living in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh states. It is the oldest and the biggest tribal museum in Madhya Pradesh. It is a treasure house, storing antique and rare collections of items related to the tribal living in the district. One can find items related to the houses, clothes, ornaments, arms, agriculture tools, art, music, dance, celebrations, the deities worshiped by them, religious activities, herbal collections, and so on.

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